How to get managed service providers in Brisbane?

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July 6, 2019
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August 16, 2019

For small to medium business, building and maintain a cost-effective, healthy IT environment is often a huge challenge. It’s hard to attract the right talented people and having to have a small staff means that it can be unrealistic to expect them to be able to cover all aspects required especially at a realistic cost. This is where managed service providers in Brisbane can help your company remain competitive and stay ahead in the market place.

The biggest problem is to find the right managed service provider for your business. A good managed service provider can help you leverage a group of industry professionals to fill in the gaps in your business. To help find the right MSP’s for you, here are some ideas:

The difference Between a Managed Service and Technical Support

You need to establish whether you just need technical support or a proper managed service provider. The difference is simply that technical support is purchased in bundles of time or hours used. This can be used at the discretion of the company for specific projects or to cover certain issues.

A managed service provider gives their clients an ongoing agreement that covers an agreed number of recurring duties and actions that make them an extension of or even the whole of a company’s IT department. This is often for less than the cost of hiring an additional full time staff member.

Managed service Providers are All Different

Just like all businesses are not the same, so managed service providers are all different, they all offer a similar concept, to help the smooth running of your IT operations, but they need to be able to offer you:

  • A service that is made to fit your business and customized to suit your particular requirements. A quality managed service provider in Brisbane understands that the job they are required to do is half customer service and half technical expertise
  • You need an MSP who will outline just what their customer support service provides and their communication strategy to your team to cover all issues throughout your business especially those that relate to your business moving forward
  • Don’t assume anything, make sure your MSP will define any problems or concerns they find and notify you as they occur
  • Do not assume that your MSP is perfect, there will always be situations or issues that can’t be sorted immediately, so you need to be sure you will be informed and their escalation process needs to be defined in the contract you have with them

Experience, Certification and Qualifications

It’s very important to have an MSP who you can relate to and whose personality and manner is conducive to your business and staff. But they also need to have the technical savvy to do the job and keep your business on top with the IT component working 24/7.

One of the advantages of having a managed service provider in Brisbane is that they can offer you the experience of a group of top IT professionals who can deliver the IT package you require at a fraction of the cost of hiring employees to do the job for you. Now you need to actually find one, start by searching in your browser

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