I am happy with the incumbent!

The steps to find the best IT supplier
The steps to find the best IT supplier!
October 18, 2018
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May 17, 2019

“I am happy with my incumbent” is a phrase trotted regularly out to remove the need to talk to those pesky sales people and for most it works. One of the better objections but try using it with your power bill and you will pay too much, try using with your insurance cover and you will pay too much and try using it in technology and you could be missing out on a world of improvements. The world moves pretty quickly and what was the best solution even a year ago may not be now and three years for many products is an eternity.

If you have an Account Manager with your incumbent you need to understand how that works, in your invoice you are paying for the Account Manager to sell their products to you. You are paying for them to ensure they maintain or grow your account because if they don’t, they lose their commission and possibly their job, let’s face it when was the last time they came to you with a new design that dropped the price or even just dropped the price.

It’s not all about price first and foremost its always about the solution or product but you would have to ask the question who they are representing.

Loyalty is a great thing and great customer service should be rewarded but it may be worth on an annual basis seeing what else is out there that you may not being told about.

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