IT solutions should be driven by Business Requirements.

We work every day to research and get to know the suppliers of IT in Australia and offshore, that is the good, the bad and the ugly. All of our suppliers go through a vetting process and we don't like surprises so the bad and the ugly never end up in front of you for selection. We are growing our pool of approved suppliers but if you need something we don't have we will conduct a search.

The future has arrived

Let's face it no CEO, CFO or CIO has the time to continually research the supplier marketplace to see who can help them make sure their IT is supporting their business. We do that for you and at no cost to you, your truly independent partner in IT

How Does Search & Selection Work for Me?

Business Requirements

We start with an IT brief or business requirements document. You may already know the IT solution, if not we will find the people to build it. If you have a business problem that requires an IT solution we will work with you to develop that.

Supplier Search

Your details remain anonymous during the process. We contact the best fit suppliers to either quote on your requirements, or suggest solutions for your problems. If the suppliers you need are not registered with us we will conduct a supplier search.

Short List

We work with the suppliers around both the solution and the pricing and put forward the best fit supplies to meet with you. Technical people not sales people and an opportunity to have access to experts in the solution you need. What you do from here is up to you and there is no no commitment and no cost if you do not proceeed.


We believe that competition brings excellence in pricing and solution. You advise us if you wish to proceed with a selected supplier and we will advise them to make contact and build the agreement, you contract directly with the supplier however we keep in contact to take you through the same process each time you need IT.

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