Second 2018 CIO Survey

Why are IT costs so high
Why are IT costs so high?
September 4, 2018
February 2018 CIO Survey Overview
February 2018 CIO Survey Overview
September 19, 2018
Second 2018 CIO Survey

1: What is on top of your list regarding IT risk?

a) Cyber Security and especially around Cyber culture. Low understanding of risk among employees and people. The “it will not happen to me” factor. Or the “it is IT responsibility” statement. Educating people on cyber risk.

b) The capacity to keep up with what is needed and expected, both at a client-facing level as well as internally lots of outdated systems, manual workarounds, etc,

c) IT disruption due to incidents with the magnitude now exponential bigger and hard to mitigate. Digital assets compromise with billions of records on any shape, form and platform, difficult with governance and control.

2: Is your IT budget being increased or decreased and why?

Responses ranged from steady to growing with few decreasing spend. Many have an ambitious agenda’s over the coming years with a significant pipeline of IT projects focussed on quick wins and agile projects. IT spend tied closely with efficiencies in other areas for overall cost savings to the business.

3: How involved is finance in IT decisions?

Surprisingly the responses were that finance is not as involved with IT decisions as first thought. At a budget level of course but feedback along the lines of working side by side rather than dictating decisions and direction. Finance supports ICT

Please let me know if you would like to be added to our third survey latter this year.

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