The cost of finding new clients in IT cannot be sustained ?

No supplier of IT can supply every solution so how do you know when a buyer is looking for a solution that you can supply.
There is the traditional method of a BDM ringing everyone trying to find a buyer: Not only does that destroy your brand the returns on effort are such that fewer than 20% of new business IT BDM's now write target.
The market has changed, they don't want to talk to sales people, they want to talk to technical people, they want to have questions answered on the spot.
We talk to the market, we know who can supply which solutions, we know when its the right time and if your the right company to talk to the client, we want everyone to win
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So How Does This Work for the IT Supplier?


Start with the application form below. Give us as much detail as you can about what service or product you do better than any competitor. This is the first part of the evaluation process remembering we do not represent all the suppliers just the best


We will review your application and may call for references from your existing clients. We do not accept all applications and access each supplier on Responsiveness, Quality of Delivery, Innovation and Value.


Once you have signed our agreement and become an approved supplier we will invite you to give advice or bid on opportunities where you are a great fit. If you win you pay us a success fee remembering you are only invited where there is mutual benefit for you and the client


If you win the bid then we will notify you and you will contract directly with the client. We maintain a relationship with the client who we encourage to go through the same sourcing process with us for all major IT decisions and also at the end of the project. Our goal is to get the best supplier at a particular point in time


Our brand is everything and our brand gains the trust from our clients. We conduct customer satisfaction surveys through out everypart of the bid process and during all engagements. We share that information so suppliers who excel will win more work those that struggle will not, the choice is yours.



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