The evolving role of managed service provider in Sydney

managed service provider
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May 25, 2019
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managed service provider

The role of a managed service provider started as simple hardware and software vendors who provided your physical internet machinery needs and solutions. They were available to fix or solve any internet problems that developed with your equipment. Because of their hands on approach and high cost they were largely reserved for large scale business.

They evolved as the technology evolved and today they are a full service IT providers who look after business solutions and are complete technology service providers. They look after the mechanical side of your internet marketing so you can run your business efficiently and effectively instead of having to deal with all the challenges of the internet.

The role of a managed service provider in Sydney is vast and complicated; they ensure the smooth safe running of your networks. They are also involved with monitoring your business internet activities, managing secure remote backup services to keep all your records safe and secure in the event of a system failure, a cyber attack or natural disaster.

Your managed service provider should be viewed as a virtual super assistant, a partner in business and trusted advisor who protects your business as a managed security service for both internal and external threats.

As the internet has grown and advanced so have the associated risks that are constantly being encountered while using the internet. The role of your MSP has expanded to meet the new challenges such as cybercrime and cyber security. This is necessary to keep smaller scale business viable and safe.

Many cyber threats are now being aimed at small scale businesses that up until now have not been able to afford the costs of proper cybersecurity. Many small businesses have been wide open to the sophisticated and technologically advanced capabilities of cybercriminals. They have hidden and felt safe thinking that the only companies worth attacking with cybercrime are super large companies with huge resources to plunder. But these large companies also have sophisticated cyber security making them almost impossible to crack. So the small companies are now the main targets.

The next growth area of MSP will be the huge area of cyber security. Their clients need managed service providers more than ever before because of the rapidly growing technologies that small business need to have in order to keep up, stay competitive and in the forefront of their fields.

The increasing threats and attacks that small to medium business must be protected from will ensure that those that offer MSP options for business will find their services will be well sort after.

Today the core packages offered by managed service providers are the complete technological systems needed to run your internet marketing business including

  • A business help desk and email answering services
  • Emergency backup files for disaster recovery
  • Software and hardware breakdown assistance to keep business running as usual no matter what
  • Internal and external security
  • Modern up to date cyber security solutions

The role of your managed service providers in Sydney is still to deliver to you and your company effective, efficient, powerful, profitable and cost effective IT solutions to meet all the possible challenges and risks that you are likely to encounter on the internet

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