The steps to find the best IT supplier!

February 2018 CIO Survey Overview
February 2018 CIO Survey Overview
September 19, 2018
I am happy with the incumbent!
February 14, 2019
The steps to find the best IT supplier

Take 10% off my IT account and I will love you, take 80% off my IT account and I will name my first-born child after you. It’s a pretty simple task for IT Managers and Procurement Professionals to choose the right supplier for their company. Let’s face it you all know the top couple of IT companies in each segment and you all know the top couple of IT products , so you are pretty well placed to decide, right?

Well maybe that’s not the full story especially with new technology that can change outcomes and costs by massive amounts and the many new players on the block who are probably not known to you but can change your outcomes without legacy infrastructure , people and technology. If I have employed staff and systems to deliver a particular technology then I am going to push that technology because the time and cost to restructure is too much for many companies to bear.

Every IT Manager and Procurement manager has a day job as well and can’t be expected to know every new technology and every new entrant into the market place.

Change is not something many people pursue and especially in IT where everyone has a story about the pain and failures of changing from an incumbent to someone new. Systems down, cost overrun, time over runs and sometimes jobs lost. Who has the time, the process or the capability to vetting suppliers to see if they pass the tests of design, reliability, honesty, demonstrated capability, technology innovation and current capacity.

When changing IT suppliers beware of the effect of capacity restraints, even the best company can deliver a poor outcome if the supplier take on too many projects for their current resources at any one time. If any one of these considerations fail, then pain can be the result.

Independent advice and supplier knowledge can solve all of the issues mention above but you know and I know that sales people are paid to convince you that their solution is the only one for you. Also Account Manager commission plans are generally based on maintaining existing revenues so why would they tell you about any solution that drops the price.

That’s why we started Australian IT Market Place to put forward the best solution using the latest technology from IT suppliers that are continually assessed on capability and capacity, we are happy to drop the price.

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