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In order to understand the role of a managed service provider in Melbourne, it’s desirable to know exactly what are managed services in the IT environment.

Basically a manages service provider is a third party contractor who provides IT services and tasks to a customer or business. The MSP or managed service provider takes on the responsibility of providing IT services and equipment to their customers in return for a fixed monthly fee

Managed IT services can differ depending on the needs and budgets of the clients, but the idea of the MSP is to relieve the burden of maintaining the IT services from the business owners to the MSP allowing the business owners to be able to focus on their core business rather than having to worry about the mechanics of core IT management.

Some MSP’s are more focused on providing infrastructure services, some specialise mainly on platform or software service, others give a broader cover and encompass all aspects of a customers needs.

Roles of managed Service Providers

  • The remote management and monitoring of It equipment such as computers, mobile devices, Networks and connected office equipment
  • Cloud services such as data storage
  • Communication between employees, business to business and business to customers
  • Cyber security is often in conjunction with a security vendor and can incorporate land based internal and external security surveillance and protection

Having your whole system monitored remotely is the most common IT service. This means the system is constantly being checked and updated where necessary and being saved to the cloud allowing for instant data recovery or retrieval while being checked for any security breaches or suspicious activity

Manages service contracts

It’s usual for a contract to be drawn up between a customer and a MSP, these set out the agreed terms and conditions of operation and describe how the SP will work with their clients. These contracts are adaptable depending on the individual needs of the client and the services the provide is offering.

There is also commonly a service level agreement. This defines exactly the services and the way in which the service delivery is to be measured, Sometime these two agreements are merged together depending on the arrangement.


There are different ways that SP charge for their services, some use the per user, per device option while others offer an all inclusive price worked out of expected usage

It’s more common for a the customer and MSP to work out a flat fee to cover all aspects of the Managed service agreement, This allows the customer to know the exact costs each month and allows for better budgeting.

The exact amount is fixed and depends on the services the MSP provides. This proactive approach to IT maintenance allows the business owner access to the latest technologies, a better return on their investments, peace of mind with enhanced security and compliance as well as having a more reliable IT operation.

A managed service provider in Melbourne can take the work load off your management team, allowing them to focus on your core business rather that dealing with day to day issues that are necessary, but not productive so your operation becomes more streamlined and efficient saving time and overhead costs.

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